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"The negative side of the American Dream comes when people pursue success at any cost, which in turn destroys the vision and the dream "

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  • Topic of this Week: "Air Pollution (May 19, 2019)"

    Air pollution in Hanoi has recently reached alarming levels. The  PM2.5 particulate level recorded was seven times higher than the  permissible level set by the World Health Organization, which is harmful  to human health and can cause serious respiratory problems. The  declining air quality in Hanoi has been attributed to high traffic  volumes and industrial activity.
    In Hanoi, motorbikes and cars have become the preferred mode of transportation. Almost  everyone in the city owns a motorbike, while public transport is not  yet been able to meet the city’s demand. There is an average of 19,000  new personal vehicles registered per month in the capital, according to  Hanoi Traffic Police.
    Hanoi  is a rapidly growing city with more than 1,000 construction projects  presently underway, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and  Environment. Nearly 150 out of 400 manufacturing facilities in the area  have also been reported as emitting large quantities of air pollution.
    Local residents have also blamed the felling of hundreds of trees in  the city in 2015 as a contributor to the decline of air quality.
    What do you think about this situation? We would love to hear your ideas, let’s meet up and talk at Advance this week ????

    Questions to ponder:
    1. What are the reasons and consequences of the air pollution to the city, residents, …?
    2. Which actions should be taken to tackle this problem?
    3. The local residents in Hanoi are really worried about the situation  recently; however, there is a professor saying that the alarming level  was reached in Hanoi only 1-2 days, so it’s not a big problem. Do you  agree with him?
    4. There were researches conducted to measure  the relation between the air pollution level and psychology. It’s found  that the higher pollution level leads to a higher crime rate. What’s  your opinion about this statement?


    Enjoy and have a fruitful discussion! 

    See you on Sunday at 3 P.M.!


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