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"The negative side of the American Dream comes when people pursue success at any cost, which in turn destroys the vision and the dream "

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  • Topic of this Week: "Decode the dream (July 25, 2021)"

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    Decode the dream
    (The topic was once discussed on 24th Feb 2017)

    What is the mechanism of dreams? And do they imply any meanings or purposes? Those are two among the biggest queries above all. Even an online dream dictionary interprets the meaning of virtually any type of dream that you might encounter.
    In 1899, "The interpretation of dreams", the turn-of-the-century tour de force, was published, in which psychologist Sigmund Freud put forth some of the most widely-known theories of dreaming. It was not the first time human beings try to unveil the secrets of dreams - an area that has concealed plenty of mysteriousness.
    Believe it or not, dreams have been responsible for some major creative and scientific discoveries in the course of human history. Mendeleev’s discovery of the periodic table, the born of the famous song Yesterday of Paul McCartney, or Albert Einstein’s extraordinary scientific achievements coming out of his vivid dreams are just several popular stories that prove dreams’ power. Let’s join our next discussion!!!
    Questions to ponder:
    1. Why do we dream? Many experts say that dreams exist to help solve problems in our lives, incorporate memories, and process emotions. What do you think?
    2. Let's share some dreams that you have had. Are there any dreams that keep repeating for you? Can you guess why you had such dreams?
    3. Why do nightmares happen? Nightmares are generally believed to link with health issues or anxiety. Is it true? Explain.
    4. Which ways to ensure better dreams at night?
    5. Have you ever tried to interpret your dreams and in which way we can take advantage of them?
    Prepared by: Hang Ta



     Enjoy and have a fruitful discussion!


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